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We have the largest collection of NUDE musicians anywhere - here are just a few of our favorites

Adam Levine Nude

Jason Mraz


Billie Armstrong

Jack Johnson

Rob Thomas

Tim Mcgraw

Nude Musicians of the month
If you get the chance to see The Bloodhound Gang live, you might get an extra thrill if Jared Hasselhoff opts to expose his dick while he plays! See his live action shots here.

Jason Mraz is hiding a sleek swimmer's body. He's got just the right amount of hair peppering his toned chest and a nice treasure trail leading to his man panties.

The rock star days of sunken chest and hollow eyes are gone. Now we've got rockers like Incubus' Brandon Boyd who's sexy, buffed up and tattooed.

A Very Happy Member Says

I wanted to let you guys know that I love your nude musicians section, I never knew so many musicians love to get naked. Keep up the great site, I have been loving it for two years now.

Jarod - Las Vegas

"nick Olivieri shows us his cock and low hanging balls"
Nick Olivieri, probably best known as one-time guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age, has a penchant for stripping down and shredding in the nude. Swinging his dick has gotten him in trouble though - he was BUSTED in Rio de Janeiro for playing naked on stage during the Rock in Rio festival and had to make a public apology. See Nick and hundreds of other Naked Musicians here!

T.I. rubbing His big dick
Eminem nude
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 2  nude rapper 3
Rapper T.I. gets such a rush from performing in front of thousands of screaming fans he sometimes has to spank the monkey right on stage. In prison now, he's got plenty of time to jack off and maybe even hook up on the down low. We're just wondering if he's a top or a bottom?
Eminem Frontal Nude Shot We have some great photos of Eminem getting naked
Adam Lambert Wicked Kiss

The Bravery bassist Mike "Dirt" Hindert usually goes for that retro 50's greaser look, except when he's wearing nothing at all. During a performance at the Glastonbury Festival, which was scheduled to be aired live on the BBC, Hindert got so overheated he simply stripped down and rocked out in the nude. The broadcast was scrapped, but based on the size of Hindert's cock, we're thinking he's got a good future in gay porn. See our archive of public musician nudity here!

Pete Wentz Naked Cell phone Pics
Mayer Shirtless
pete wentz 1
pete wentz 2 pete wentz 3

Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz went a little crazy with his cell phone and snapped up some scandalous pictures and videos of himself jacking off! If you tape it, we'll find it.
John Mayer Frontal John Mayer looks great shirtless!

Here are more hot photos of some of today's hottest musicians. These guys really do rock!

Enrigue Iglesias
Lance Bass
Ricky Martin
50 Cent
Kanye West
Aaron Carter
Chris Brown
Pete Burns
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