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A few sexy guys from our HUGE collection of NUDE International Male Celebs

Sean Connery
born in Scottland

Jason Statham
born in UK

Vin Diesel
born in USA
Bruce Willis
born in Germany

Samuel Jackson
born in USA

Ed Harris
born in USA

Foreign Film Winners

Roberto Benigni is an Italian actor, writer, comedian and more. He is probably best known for his Oscar Award winning film, "Life Is Beautiful" which was based on true experiences.

Before Masahiro Motoki was winning Academy Awards, he was a member of a Japanese boy band and was considered as one of their top idols.

Moritz Bleibtreu is a German television actor and complete stud. He has been involved in international acting since he was just a teen and continues
to get better and look better!


Aiden Turner - nude Soap star from Ireland

Aiden Turner, UK male model turned American soap hunk, plays Aidan Devane on All My Children and almost daily shows off his cut, waxed chest. From Harlequin romance novel covers to naked photo shoots, Aiden knows how to get the fans excited. Like every good soap hunk, Aiden knows you have to show some skin on the side to keep the fans tuning in, and we've got his nude portfolio inside!


shahrukh khan - bollywood stud
Prince William
shahrukh khan nude 1
shahrukh khan nude  2 shahrukh khan nude  3
Bollywood stud Shakhrukh Khan is enough to make anyone want to hop the first flight to Mumbai. His penetrating eyes and golden brow n skin stretched over rock hard abs are only part of the package; A smart businessman, Khan was named one of Newsweek's 50 most powerful people. See Shahrukh and other hot Bollywood hunks exposed!

Terrell Owens Nude Shot
Prince William managed to get caught pissing in public. A prince with no class!
Raoul Bova - Italian stallion bare all for us
Raoul Bova has been an incredibly popular and accomplished actor for some time now in his native country of Italy, but was finally introduced to an American audience back in 2003 for his role as Marcello in the Golden Globe nominated movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.
Raoul is currently shooting a World War II era Independent Film titled Out of the Night, where he'll be starring opposite Peter O'Toole.
French Tickler Gilles Marini
Claudio Andrade
giles marini nude 1
giles marini nude 2 giles marini nude 3
Frenchman Gilles Marini exploded on the scene naked and wet as Dante on Sex in the City and the heat hasn't cooled. Gilles oozes sex appeal and that completely chiseld body and huge horse-hung cock make him one of our favorite celebs to see naked.
John Mayer Frontal
See the scandal behind the Brazilian soap star.
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