John Cusack
Born: Jun 28, 1966
This dark-haired, sly, and brashly appealing young actor has managed to transcend his Brat Pack origins with a number of well-rounded, finely delineated performances. A natural performer and high school dramatist, Cusack first reached the screen in youth oriented movies such as Class (1983, with Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy) and Sixteen Candles (1984, with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall), but in short order he established himself as a genuine talent standing out from a group of intermittently interesting personalities. He was a wry sad sack in two relatively innovative teen comedies, 1985's Better Off Dead and 1986's One Crazy Summer and genuinely impressive in Rob Reiner's 1985 The Sure Thing His mother forbade him from participating in the arduous Philippines shoot of Platoon (1986), but Cusack subsequently went after juicy parts in smaller, less ambitious projects, including John Sayles' drama of the 1919 White Sox scandal, Eight Men Out (1988) and the music video satire Tapeheads (also 1988, with his friend Tim Robbins, for whom he did a cameo in the latter's directorial debut film, Bob Roberts). In 1990 Cusack enjoyed significant success in an "adult" role as a small-time con artist in Stephen Frears' chilly neo-noir thriller The Grifters coming into his own as an adult actor. He confirmed this promise with leading roles in Woody Allen's delightful Bullets Over Broadway (1994) and the political drama City Hall (1995).
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