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Thomas Jane
Thomas Jane has yet to go full frontal in his hit series, but with a little imagination you can see just how
"Hung" Thomas might be.
The hot actor is surely going to bare all for the cameras some day soon, but until then, our cock experts have put together
these fake nudes to help ease your curiosity..

Robert Pattison
Robert Pattinson recently took it all off and appeared nude in a scene from the movie "Little Ashes". This is the first time the male celebrity heartthrob has bared his naked body.

James McAvoy
This Scottish Hottie has a body built for sex. The "Wanted" star has one of the most wanted pieces of man meat in Hollywood. Take a look at these photos of James' sculpted physique and throbbing tube steak. He has been known to bare all in the past which begs the question, which photos out there are real and which ones are fake? Scan through our inventory of fake James Mcavoy pictures and all of your other favorite male celebs by clicking now!!

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High School Musical star Zac Efron's onscreen image is squeaky clean, but you know the actor is dying to leak a few pics like his Disney counterparts have. We're positive some self-shot cell phone pics will make to a blog near you soon. To tide us over, these fake pics give us a peak at what some day we'll certainly see as Efron attempts to shed his good boy rep.
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robert Pattison
Will Smith
rob pattison fake 1
rob pattison fake 2 rob pattison fake 3
Sure, this hot young actor has teased us with partial nude swimming scenes and gay romance in his movies, but you haven't seen anything like this on Twilight. Since Robert wants to keep on dangling the skin flute in front of us without full delivery,these full cock shots of him can give you a little something to dream of when you're fantasizing about R-Patz until he gives it up for real.Even though they're fakes, we might venture a guess that these photos are pretty close to what he's really got in his tighty whities.. See it all
Dicaprio Frontal Nude Shot
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JAke FAke

Jake Gyllenhaal likes to tease us in his big-budget, Oscar-winning movies by showing a little ass here, a treasure trail there, even draping a santa hat over his cock to get us to fork out the price of admission. All we really want, though, is a good, full frontal look at Jake's snake in full high def. Our collection of fake Jake Gyllenhaal pics quenches our thirst… for a little bit, at least.

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Justin Timberlake
Tom Welling
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 1  nude rapper 1
Former boy-bander Justin Timberlake likes to mix it up with all those strapping black rappers, but does he have the bod rod to really keep up where it counts? These fake Timberlake pics give fuel to the fantasy that JT measures up to well-hung hip hop hotties like Nelly, Ray J and T.I. . See it all

Dicaprio Frontal Nude ShotTom Welling showing his big thick cock and muscular body
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